Kurs høsten 2019: Ulv – Hund – Menneske


OBS! Ny frist for å melde seg på er 04. oktober 2019.

Praktisk informasjon:

Forelesningen starter kl 09.30, og er ferdig klokken 18:30.

Det vil bli arrangert felles middag på hotellet samme kvelden klokken 19:00, hvis du ønsker å bli med på dette, meld ifra til kurs@nafs.flywheelsites.com.

Seminar topics:
Humans have teamed up with wolves some 35 000 years ago. Ever since, by adapting to a range of human cultures and societies, a wealth of different dogs have developed. Hence, dogs are the oldest and arguably most important of our companion animals. Humans and dogs may look pretty different, but still they are surprisingly similar in their social setup, in feeling and thinking. Living with dogs may benefit humans to a significant extent, supporting the idea that humans are adapted to live with other animals, notably dogs.

In the seminar I will try to integrate the scientific state of the art on how humans and wolves got together and how modern dogs and humans evolved via domestication. I will furthermore summarize why humans are willing and able to live with other animals/dogs (and they with us).

Finally, I will pull together recent results, mainly from our Wolf Science Center in Austria (www.wolfscience.at), on equally raised and kept wolves and dogs, stressing in what way dogs became  different from wolves and  what relevance this has for teaming up with our dog partners.

Kurt M. Kotrschal, Mag.rer.nat., Prof. Dr., geboren 1953 in Linz, verheiratet seit 1975, wohnhaft in Scharnstein/OÖ. und Wien. Studium der Biologie an der Universität Salzburg, dort auch 1981 Promotion und 1987 Habilitation; 1976-1981 Forschungsaufenthalte an den Universitäten Arizona und Colorado, USA. Seit 1990-2018 Leiter der Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle für Ethologie in Grünau/Oberösterreich 1990-2018, Professor i.R. am Department für Verhaltensbiologie Universität Wien. Mitbegründer Wolfsforschungszentrum (http://www.wolfscience.at/)



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